We’re Here Now, What Are you Gonna Do About IT?

Shock and Awe

If this was an American war, we’d be past the “Shock and Awe” phase and looking for the enemies’ white flag of surrender. But just like war, the enemy doesn’t surrender quite so easily. And our hopes to be done with it, are just that and only that, hopes. I hate to say it, but if you’re planning on continuing to do business in the same manner you did before, hope is probably the most you have going for you.

Now of course, this is not every business. Some will continue to do what they do, how they do it and be fine. That is not the case for most of us. Some will try burying their head in the sand and pretend it’s not happening, but the last article I read about the effects of Covid19 on small business, one word really resonated with me, “decimated”.

However, this is not meant to be a sad song. In the 10 years we’ve been in business, we’ve had multiple times where we could haves soured on the whole venture and dwelled on what went wrong. The problem with getting stuck with “what happened?!”, is that it keeps you from focusing on what could be.

Another thing I’ve learned in 10 years of business, is that business is constantly changing and evolving. As a business owner, I have learned to change and evolve along with it. I see the current situation as another opportunity to change and evolve, and just another hurdle to overcome.

Process, Process, Process

Another thing I have learned over the years, is importance of process. Within that, I have also learned that your business operation, is only as good as your processes. The difficult part about this is, normally, if your business is doing well, you’re just too busy for process improvement. In the current environment, If your business has slowed down, this presents a great opportunity to create, improve and streamline processes.

Organize a process brainstorm session, or process meetings with staff, and go over what you do daily and how you do it. Then either document those processes if they do not exist, or if they do, go over them and see how you can make improvements.


I’ve played basketball for most of my life. In basketball, when you’re not dribbling, you can pivot. One foot is planted, while the other can move all over the place. Players often use this move when the defense has them trapped, and they need to get out of the trap to make a play. The player changes their path of direction and looks for an opening to create something with this ball possession. I could go on forever with this analogy, but you get the idea. Use this opportunity to pivot and change your business for the better.

Look to Technology

Okay, I know. It’s very convenient that I say look to technology, lol. But it is true, and now, maybe more than ever. Love or hate technology, it creates the ability to be able to remove direct personal interaction. There are many technologies that have existed for many years that have had slow adoption because it removes the “personal” touch. Now, your guest and clients are going to be seeking businesses out that utilize that technology. You know the plexiglass in between you and the cashier at the grocery store? I believe that is going to be permanent. The question is, how do you utilize that technology to protect your staff and guests, while still providing that personal touch? And then, how do you capitalize and market it…….That is the million-dollar question.

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