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I don’t often write about our company. I make a mention here and there about new changes or some of our individual experiences, but not full section about us.  We normally try to focus on our clients’ businesses, but because this year has been what it has been, we thought it may be appropriate. Like many of you, we’ve had to think about our survival as a business, and how we should be positioning ourselves to withstand the economic downturn.

Much of this thought has resulted in many changes to who we are, the services we provide, and how we provide them. No, we haven’t changed everything, but it was a huge undertaking, and in many ways, we are a new company…. the company I envisioned years ago. We’ve been on this road for a while, but with less of a work load, we were able to put a few things on hyperdrive.


Let’s first start with security. WAIT! Don’t leave, I swear it’s worth it 😉. About 3 years ago, ransomware attacks started increasing exponentially. What’s worse, they were not only targeting businesses, but they were also targeting IT people and their companies. Also, the new attacks were a lot more sophisticated. They were sophisticated enough to fool IT people, yikes! Normal security efforts were starting to become easily bypassed. As IT people, we were scrambling to find new solutions. Some IT people won’t tell you this, but it has in some ways really shaken up the IT community.

Because of this, we spent almost a year researching new security products and solutions. We implemented systems and standards which has raised the security of all our client’s networks, as well as our own to deal with today’s cyber security risks.

Other Security Implementations

  • Whitelisting – This will only allow programs to run that you have already allowed to run. This stops rogue activity on workstations and servers that can bypass other security measures.
  • Security Operations Center – We offer internal monitoring of our client’s network by a group of security experts to help us keep an eye on our client’s networks.
  • Regular security audits – These can be up to quarterly depending on your level of risk.

Policies and Standards

We are now offering policy template creation. If you don’t currently have end user policies covering staff use of your computers and networks, this is a huge value. We highly recommend that you have these as part of your hiring process.

We are also now aligning our client’s standards with NIST’s Cyber Security Framework. With today’s cyber security risks, alignment with these standards helps our clients have the peace of mind that we’re covering all bases in terms of their security and continuity measures.

Process Improvement

This change is two-fold. We have been working on all our processes and how we deliver our services, which led us to a new Service Delivery Model.

Service Delivery Model

Our new service delivery model is built on five distinct areas of service. Professional Services, Centralized Services, Help Desk, Technology Alignment and vCIO. It’s designed to cover all your technology needs rather than just be there and help maintain the network.

Here’s how those delivery areas break down:

Process and Productivity

In addition to our own process changes, we are now moving into focus on our clients’ productivity as well. This effort is largely centered around Microsoft Office 365, and helping our clients take full use of that eco-system. Eventually, this program will include general support in any area that we may be able to help our clients improve processes and increase productivity. This will include onsite training and custom training videos.


We’ve also made improvements on how we can communicate with clients, as well as the business community at large.

IT Portal

We now have an IT Portal! This is useful for a central place for our clients to access tickets, projects, as well as reporting, direct communication, and other information regarding your account with us. If you don’t have access, let us know!

Chat Support

Did you know we know have chat support? This just adds another way to communicate with us. We are still working on having this feature staffed full time, but it’s a good way to get immediate help without picking up a phone.

Other Offerings

VoIP – We are also offering Voice Over IP phone service. The functionality is unparalleled by traditional phone service. Do you have staff working remotely? With our VoIP service, they can answer your business line anywhere they have internet access. The phones even come with wireless capability! Call us for me info.

Cyber Insurance – While we are not in the insurance business, many of the businesses we work with have general business insurance but are not protected if they experience a cyber-attack. The cost of a cyber attack can run from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars or even higher. With these attacks rising exponentially, we have partnered with our provider to provide Cyber insurance to our clients. Reach out to us for more info.

Again, I hate to talk about us, but we’ve made so many changes over this year, I thought it appropriate we put a little focus on that and show how we are always working on improving and adding value to our service.

Whether you are a client of ours or not, we wish you a Happy and safe Holiday Season. We also hope for you growth, and success in the coming year.

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