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With today’s technology needs to share data, there are many options out there to sync and share your data. Whether it be within your network, or halfway across the world, being able to easily share your data in a secure and efficient manner has become paramount. And because of this, there are many options; Dropbox,, OneDrive & Google Drive, just to name a few.

Many of those services can be great depending on how you plan to use them. But each of those services has their limitations. We have partnered with Autotask to offer their Sync & Share program Autotask Work Place (AWP). AWP is the most robust with much more control of permissions and sharing and the ability to lock files so you don’t end up with conflicted copies. Check out it’s list of features:

–    File lock
–    Data backup

With all these features, you would expect a much higher price point. However, our Sync & Share service is priced to directly compete with the competition.

In addition to all of the features with Pacific IT Sync & Share service, we also offer it as a managed service, that we can help you manage the date, control permissions and access for a flat monthly fee.

Call us today for a demo!

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