Residential Support

Residential Support

We provide networking, cabling installation, printer support and we can even assist with your multimedia setup! Call us now and let us know what we can do for you.

The List, but not the Whole List

  • Onsite diag and troubleshooting
  • One on one consulting
  • Cable and infrastructure installations and support
  • Complete home business support
  • Multimedia installations and support
  • Router and WiFi setup and security
  • Internet troubleshooting and support
  • Printer installation and support
  • Whew! I think you get the idea!
  • Oh, wait! Don’t forget to check out our new residential managed service plans below. Supes, excited!

Managed Services Plans

Introducing Computer Hale’s new residential managed services plans! Why shouldn’t our residential clients enjoy the same superior service, support and system stability as our business clients. Our plans include 24×7 system monitoring, managed antivirus and anti-malware protection, automated Windows and 3rd party software updates, priority remote support, backup and data recover, plus discounts on all of our regular services! Definitely for those clients that want to set it and forget it. Never worry about whether you should press update again. Check out the options below.

Monitoring Only

Real-Time Health Alerts


Managed Antivirus

Small Kine

MAV+Monitoring + Patch Management


Download and upgrade anytime

  • TechConnect Support App
  • Desktop Health Alerts







$60 /yr

$60 Annually

  • TechConnect Support App
  • Desktop Health Alerts
  • Anti-Virus/Malware Protection
  • Annual complimentary virus scans

$120 /yr

That’s only $10 a month!

  • TechConnect support app
  • Desktop health alerts
  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Anti-malware protection
  • Keep windows updated
  • 3rd party apps updated
  • $49.95 one-time setup
  • Priority tech-support
  • Annual complimentary virus scan