Multifactor Authentication Offer

MultiFactor Authentication Setup & Consultation

*Limited Time Free Offer: Registration Closes 9/27/19 ($199.99 Value)

There are many steps to protect yourself, your identity and your businesses’ intellectual property in an online world. But we know at Pacific IT, that sometimes all that information can actually cause inaction because of what seems like a tremendous hill to climb. That’s why we are offering free assistance to businesses to assist in that first step, of making sure that your Multi-Factor Authentication is setup properly and securely. 

  • Is SMS multi-factor okay? 
  • Do I have to use my personal cell phone, for business accounts? 
  • How do I create proper passwords that I can remember? 

We can answer all those for you, and more. 

Too good to be true? Well, it’s not. All you have to do is register below to schedule a half hour appointment for a technician to come out and get your first line of defense setup.

Tell us what day and time works best for your consultation.