Business Support

Business Support

From break/fix to system design, we can keep your business running smoothly. Need help with a computer or server? We respond when others don’t and be there in a moments notice. We have professional, trustworthy technicians that you can believe your technology assets are in good hands. Call us today for a free business consultation.

Point of Sale

Computer Hale provides complete point of sale support to restaurants, bars and retail businesses. We can design you a new system out of the box, or support your current system.

Workstation and End User Support

From remote to onsite support, give us a call. Our knowledgeable technicians will get you back to work.

Server Support

Servers are the most integral part of a network and when something goes wrong, you need someone who understands the technology as well as the cost of lost productivity. We provide complete server support from break/fix to server management.

Network Design

We support network infrastructure from the ground up. From design to cabling, network troubleshooting and monitoring. Computer Hale can help you have a robust manageable network.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our tech lab provides backup and basic data recovery. And if we can’t get it, we also partner with Drive Savers for advanced data recovery services.

Email and Cloud Services

Are you ready to move your services to the cloud? We can design and manage your hosted email and cloud services that are robust, scalable and easy to use. Call us today for a demo!

Managed Antivirus and Malware Protection

With today’s constant threats from the internet, you need a reliable antivirus product you can trust. Our managed antivirus provides you with a solid antivirus product coupled with the techconnect monitoring app, keeps you protected and monitors the status of your computer. Try it today!

Managed IT Services

We have plans, big plans! The best plans you’ve ever seen. Our plans are designed to be cost effective, while providing you the necessary tools to keep your computers, networks and servers running smoothly.